Monday, November 28, 2005

To damn Kawaii for my own good

Not that I've been making much money lately- but I guess the whole 23 yr old life crisis has me spending to fill a void or maybe it's just holiday sales- any way you look at it I have suddenly come into possession of WAY to many bags. I am selling this bag- it's a brand new, never worn, still with tags and dust cover, green leather Juicy Couture bag. Retails at $275- I'm asking $150 because I need to get some dough for Hanukah. Any takers? Let me know! It would be a big mitzvah and make you look totally Kawaii since Juicy is uber cool in Japan!


I am suddenly and most unexpectedly an auntie again- my awesome brother and sister-in-law produced a way to cute baby boy. They're religious so once again I have to wait for the baby's name (oy vey), but thank God he's healthy. Now I just have to figure out what to quilt for him. I made a "sun" quilt for Liam because he's Eric and Yo's "son" (see above) clever I know.... any votes for the new baby quilt?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Spoils of war

I have been itching to get my hands on the new Stella McCartney for H&M line for ions- and today I woke up bright and early for the 10am store opening. I expected it to be bad- but I had NO IDEA how bad it would be. I didn't get there a moment to soon! Hundreds of women were attacking each other for items- something- anything- with the Stella name on it. Sales clerks were being knocked down, maldy tossing out to the throng items in their hands for fear of being ransacked. In the spirit of Kawaii I was pleased to see many of my opponents were Japanese, a sure sign my fashion tastes are right on the mark. By the end of the raid I had managed to get about 15 of the 20 item collection into my pile.
I waited on the dressing room line as women called out "does anyone want this?" or "does anyone want to trade" all over the store. The sales clerks desperately tried to keep us in order. It seems a second shipment was coming at noon and other then that they were sold out. Last minute calls to their Stolkholm suppliers revealed the H&M's in Europe had been completely cleaned out since this morning. So what we had in our hands was the big enchiladas. Every time something I tried on didn't fit I brought it out and felt like a queen tossing out her belongings to the huddled and eager masses. I ended up with a sweater and a jean skirt. The sweater was only in a size medium and to my great surprise seemed to be the most desirable thing in the store. Woman came up to me many times trying to get it out of my hands- but I wouldn't budge. Had someone offered me a huge chunk of cash- well then maybe- but since no one did it's now mine. Who knew Stella at H&M would be such a hit? I can't wait to see what kawaii line they offer us next year!