Sunday, April 27, 2008

7 Down... 20 more to go

My ulpan is rapidly shrinking. As of today definatly 2, and maybe as many as five people are kicked out for doing drugs. That would make it 12 since the begining of ulpan. I'm not sure I would want to stay in a ulpan with 5 people but what can you do. One of the people caught smoking is MY roommate. I'm not gonna lie, I like my roommate and I would be sad if she wasn't here anymore. Look out in the mail for letters from me!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This blog is HAMAYTZ!

I just returned from the North where I experienced an orthodox Passover. I don't know how bread got on the windows and under the bathroom shelves but somehow the whole freakin place was "hamaytz" and we had to clean. Seder was nice except I got sick early and went to bed. The next day we all participated in a walk to remember falled soldiers along the sea of Galalee. It was very hot, up hill, and I was to tired to remember english let alone Hebrew. The next day I went hiking with Yoav in the Golan hieghts. I saw the remains of war torn Seria, mine fields, and a beautiful waterfall. Now I'm back and Naan not sure what comes next....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thinking rash-ly

Over the past two weeks I’ve been noticing a rash forming all over my arms. At first I thought it was kiwi, or some other fresh fruit I’d been ingesting. I even feared my beloved peaches and nectarines might be the cause. But the rash didn’t go away, no matter how many things I dropped from my diet. By this morning it was down to my elbows- and then I freaked out. So I left class and went to our pitiful kibbutz clinic. SHOCKER! They didn’t know what it was. Next thing I knew I was on a shuttle to the Rehovot hospital. Horary for socialized medicine. An ancient trilobite of a dermatologist looked me over and figured out my problem- cleaning toilets. This is my job on the kibbutz and apparently I’ve become allergic to it! See I always knew there was a reason I was an awful cleaner, my body literally rejects cleaning! I was able to pick up some creams from the pharmacy and now I await my new job, whatever that may be.

Since I was in Rehovot anyway I decided to go shopping for stuff I needed: shampoo, lint remover, some kiwis (which I am NOT allergic too) at the shook, and then into the mall to buy some painting supplies. Some of you may know my past week was pretty intense- the highs and lows were massive, and my home sickness was extreme. My best friend Rachel suggested I do something very American like see a movie.
What a great idea! So I bought a ticket and waited to go see “Superhero movie”. Jeez you’d think I was seeing a film in communist Russia. First of all they make you wait OUTSIDE the theatre until it’s time for the film. Then everyone is allowed in. Granted to seats were big and fluffy. They the movie starts RIGHT AWAY- no waiting for 20 minutes like in America. It’s like ::BAM:: movie! So then I’m watching and like 60 minutes into it they turned off the film. Everyone in the theatre got up and was like “hafsaka!”(break)
So when in Rome…. I got up, got some popcorn and ::BAM:: the movie started again. Weiiiiiiird. As for the film it was pretty OK, some good lines, but nothing to run to.

And before I go I want to thank everyone for making me feel like the most loved girl in Israel. I got not one- but THREE packages this week! From my Dad, Grandma, and Timsan. THANKS!!!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

My New Painting

I'm probably going to give this to the ulpan because they have some crap art here. Seriously.