Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Time for tasteless comments

The most Kawaii thing about these photos is 1) the costumes (I would go around all day like this if I had the body) 2) those crazy moves! These girls must have been training in utero to do this.

So yea I had to go and ruin it by finding the most off color photos and making jokes. That's what I do. Move on.

This looks like Bondage meets giving birth
No joke, just impressed she can do 5 things at one!

Yea we all know what the coach was thinking when he told them to do this move.

The Virgin WILL be sacrificed for the motherland!

Johnny Apple Perve

I've never thought twice about Johnny Appleseed being an American legend if not a hero. Aparently today is his day so I wikipedia'd him. Turns out he was also an ascetic who was into pedophilia/incest.

"Now we had always heard that Johnny had loved once upon a time, and that his lady love had proven false to him. Then he said one time he saw a poor, friendless little girl, who had no one to care for her, and sent her to school, and meant to bring her up to suit himself, and when she was old enough he intended to marry her. He clothed her and watched over her; but when she was fifteen years old, he called to see her once unexpectedly, and found her sitting beside a young man, with her hand in his, listening to his silly twaddle.
I peeped over at Johnny while he was telling this, and, young as I was, I saw his eyes grow dark as violets, and the pupils enlarge, and his voice rise up in denunciation, while his nostrils dilated and his thin lips worked with emotion. How angry he grew! He thought the girl was basely ungrateful. After that time she was no protegé of his."


How American we should have a day fro the creep!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Fashion week is upon us here in NYC and for the most part the collections are uninspired, and don't even make the models look good.

The above comes from Diane Von Furstenberg's "letsalllookfatandfromtheyear2020" collection.

So far the clear "winner" is Ralph Lauren- with a jaw droppingly beautiful collection- and a killer runway show for his 40th anniversary as a designer.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Copy cat

Apparently most of us would like to be "abroad" right now (I concur). Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll! Now for a new poll topic....

Copyright infringement is the topic du jour in the fashion world right now. The new york times recently featured an article whose ultimate answer was- as long as poor women can't afford the overpriced designer goods brands like Forever 21 and H&M will thrive.

Hell yea if I walk into a chain store I usually know if I'm checking out a "knock off". But it doesn't bother me because it's usually made just as well, and who wants to spend $1500 on a trendy skirt or pants that will be dated in 2 weeks? The Times is actually rather late in covering this topic- has been covering it for the better part of a year. Fashionista unsympathetically decries the middle class copies and insist we invest two months rent on bags and clothing made in the same exact factories and their lower end knock offs.

(why does you Fake LV bag look so good? It's no accident- that "Made in France" tag can cloud over the fact that unskilled child labor in China stitched it together)

So our new poll is "How do you feel about knock offs in fashion?"