Sunday, October 29, 2006

3rd Bloomberg interview

I am puking my guts out over my 3rd bloomberg interview this coming Monday. I spent a small fortune at SAKS buying a suit jacket, practiced what to say in an interview with my bro Eric, and now can only wait and hope. I'm so used to getting rejected that coming so close is scary. I'll be meeting HR and two executives. I'm going to go in their full throttle, dressed to the nines and ready to take the "bull by the horns" so to speak (sorry bad market pun).

See I'm making stock jokes already!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Enjoy Party!!

I was shocked and delighted today when I opened up my mailbox and was greeted by a package from Tim, my pen pal in Japan! It contained a groovy fashion article and a spirit raising collection of "HelloKitty x Rody" Halloween cell phone charms!!!They were, apparently, part of a drink promotion (I'm guessing Lipton since that's the name on the packaging), and some how he managed to grab me all 8. My personal favorites are Hello-frankitty-stein and Hello-pumkitty-head. Right in time for my most loved holiday, with job stress high, it was a wonderful treat!

Because Big Brothers and Sisters rock

Here is the amazing Hello Kitty Wallet David and Sophia brought me back from Japan! Gold and studded in rhinestones- HELLO could it be any more PERFECT?

Thursday, October 19, 2006

French Fried Adorable

I have some kind of sick fascination with San-X Nyanko- those cute kitties put into plush food. I call it "sick" because I can't justify loving cats and also some how being attracted to these plushes. I don't want to eat cats normally, how come the idea this image isn't totally repulsive, I don't know.

Here are some cat fries I came accross. So kawaii I almost wanted to go to McDonald's and put some french fries on a leash.

Remembering is Kawaii!

I visited my friend Ali today, quite a feet considering she is buried out in the boonies of NJ and actually finding her headstone took an hour. Turns out today is the 5th anniversary of her passing. I had thought it fell last Tuesday. Something about her and I- she always let me know when it was important to come say "hi". I left her orchids and chatted. She was buried next to a highway so cars kept zooming by pumping rap. I felt bad because it's the kind of cemetery you put someone in to literally lose them. There are thousands of graves on top of each other. It took me a map and two tries to find her. But the site is maintained- which is better then an over turned headstone! It felt great to finally go see her. I was ready, and glad her sister was able to give me the info on the cemetery.

I suppose this is a tad dark for a blog posting Hello Kitty and baby photos- so in lighter news I had illustration class tonight. Tough as always. I told master Joo I thought he was very wise and he liked it. He thinks a person hasn't lived unless they have regrets. Not sure how many regrets I have. But that's his pearl for this week!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bloomberg really is a tough cookie

I took the Bloomberg test today. You sit at a computer in the middle of the very active newsroom to take it. 10 questions on finance- most of which I didn't know but tried my damndest to BS- then I had to edit a story down to a 40 second snippit for the news and then write two "40 second" news stories. Overall I didn't walk out with my tail between my legs but did get a good beating. I'll get the results in a few weeks and let you know then!

Liam's first Bday

What brings pizza eating, music loving, cake sucking Gomberg's together? Why my nephew Liam's Birthday party of course! A year older, here he is:

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm fat. No really.

Ahhhhh to live in Japan where I could spend all day every day in figure shrouding kimono. But alas I live in NYC where jeans are the norm and I've come to accept two horrible facts:
1) I no longer fit in my jeans
2) I am to poor to buy new jeans

With the cold weather approaching stretchy skirts won't do even with leggings. So I was forced to answer the horrible "what to do?" Well I like my old jeans, they may not fit but they're cute. And as I rapidly head toward the obese end of five feet tall.... today I came face to face with my demon. Fat, thy name is weight watchers.

Does any sensible person want to shell out $13 a week to gather en-masse and complain about food? Not really. But last year when I weighed much less and joined, and the points system worked. So I'm doing it again. The idea of not eating chicken fried rice is awful. And points don't say you can't eat stuff, just to limit what you can eat. Whatever- send support my way troups!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Good day

I took my cat Nigel into the vet today. I have no idea why he had such attitude, but thank god I was there as a buffer between him and the vet. He is on eye drops now because apparently condos on the upperwestside can still lead to conjunctivitus. Saw Peter and that was a treat. He had to leave for work but it still felt good to see him. And then I spent 2 hours up to my eyeballs in paint making a birthday gift for my nephew Liam 1rst b-day. I was so inspired I filled out an application to work there. Speaking of work I've been active applying everywhere which keeps me feeling positive and like I'm not sitting on my ass. I even applied for a graphic internship- maybe those SVA classes can go to some use. Meanwhile I finished the day by having lunch with my girlfriend Meredith. Her and I are going out to visit her sister next Tuesday. It will be 5 years since Ali passed and we're finally ready to see the stone. I predict either serious tears, or serious peace. Either way I feel blessed Ali put Meredith in my life.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Velvet D'amour

Why is there not more on Google about this great model? I used to love Sophie Dahl before she became a skinny clone and started writing bad books (you're no Roald Dahl sweetie!)Three cheers to Gautier, Entertainment Tonight and the fashion industry for allowing a real woman to walk the runway! If you too are a fan of the tres kawaii Velvet then let me know. If enough people respond I will try and start some kind of unofficial fan blog.

Did you know today is Columbus Day?

I didn't. I went to cartoon illustration class and was greeted by no one. Greeeeeat. I've been so flustered lately that I didn't risk the subway ride back and sprung the $15 for a cab ride home. Now I'm poorer and grumpier then before.
Man did I earn my Ambien tonight.

Friday, October 06, 2006

What I want now: Kawaii Joy online

Maybe you're bored and saying to yourself, "Look at all this money I have, why I should spend it on Halli, surely that would bring both her and I eternal happiness. But what can I get her? The internet is such a big place, how do I know what she really wants?"
No need to fear my friend. Here is the first 5 of ten kawaii installments I'm currently craving and the links to-where-to-buy-them-online.

1. AZUKI RED BEAN GRAINS exfoliant has been used by geisha's and refined Japanese women for centuries to buff the skin and clean the pores. And if you want to make it a "twofer" then throw in some nightingale droppings to lighten and brighten my skin!

2. "Halli, I'm not buying you bird poop" -OK, that's fine- how about a bear? Paddington Bear couldn't be hotter in Japan or in the nostalgic cockles of my heart.

3. Of course if teddy bears leave you a bit dry you can head to the home of a kawaii on the net. I'd like the "seven lucky gods" plush set, or pretty much anything that involves stickers.

4. Because I think Chanel black is over rated my #1 cute color polish is
wicked by essie. Buy me a bottle and I'll be one happy nightingale.

5. Queen Elizabeth isn't just kawaii,
she's fucking badass.Buy me one of her miniature paintings or replica necklaceto get on my good side.

Tim San and Bloomberg San honor me

I had my first interview at Bloomberg today. I feel like it went better then expected for a change. I've been invited back to take a test- the only way to pass said test is to watch Bloomberg and read the Wallstreet Journal everyday- but a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do. Feeling rather cheery after the hopeful interview I came home to the package from TimSan I have been waiting for, for what felt like forever.PS Grape Pocky candy (not so kawaii), Paddington Bear (awesome), and so so sad! My favorite Hostess is quitting the biz~ don't they all?! Maybe I'll just have to go out to japan to replace her!