Monday, March 31, 2008


Ok... so the quality is crap- what do you expect with wretched internet like mine? But here is a kibbutz Naan Video!

Purim for Kita Aleph

Friday, March 28, 2008


26 on the 26th really IS lucky! Who knew?
It all started the day before when I hit up Tel Aviv for some shopping and sushi with my french girls.After we came back, and everyone headed to the pub where insane drinking insued. I ate french fries, drank like a fish, played pool, drank some more,danced, kept drinking.... by midnight I was trashed. Everyone brought out a cake and sang happy birthday (I was delerious with glee). The next morning I was awoken at the crack of dawn by my mom- SHE'S FINALLY ENGAGED! I had this wonderful news to carry me through the day as I opened presents, cards, got two packages, ate junk food, had a picnic with my friend Adam and threw a minnie party in the evening (no drinking for me just lots of good food). My phone rang all day with well wishes from family around the globe- truly it was the best birthday I've had retrospect I should have bought a lottery ticket!
Ah well, I feel like I've won the life lottery all the same.

Monday, March 24, 2008


25 going on 26.....

It's so flippin hot. I honestly am glad I'm from a country where it gets cold in the winter..... I feel like I may faint if I don't drink water and eat vegtables. I'm grateful for my hand fan (spanish style) with Hello Kitty on it in bright pink. Sadly this country seems to lack both hand fans AND Hello Kitty!

HOWEVER I have been able to get a great Japan fix. My roomate Elly showed my an amazing sushi restaurant in Tel Aviv and I ate my full...... See this past weekend was Purim and all the students had a bit of a holiday. Unlike in America where Halloween is the holiday to dress up and get drunk, Purim is three days here where costumes and debachery rule. On Thursday we had a party in class with games and prizes. I shot video so look for it when I can load it in abotu 2 weeks. On Friday night the kibbutz hosted an insane party with drinking and men dressed like Jesus and drag queens. I went as an American indian in a costume I put together with old clothes left behind from past ulpanists. It was actually pretty sweet. Then yesterday I went to Tel Aviv with Elly and we ate sushi, shopped a bit, and sat on the beach- heaven! Also we had AMAZING gelato! IN TEL AVIV! Who knew?

I am trying to speak Hebrew as much as possible but I get frustrated when I see the other ulpanists asking the locals to speak to them in english. Seriously- just try hebrew... but whatever..... Hopefully next week I will go to HUC in Jersalum for the day and be able to see the university AND speak some Hebrew.

I'M GOING TO BE 26!!!! My Dad an Judy gave my a supscription to TATLER and a new Ipod (:
I'm glad I didn't open my mom's package yet, it will be fun to open on my birthday morning.

yallabye for now xxoo

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Birthday Wishes

I would like.....
- A cute summer dress
- Indian/ tribal looking scarves for my hair and around my neck
- Cool sweaters.... I didn't bring nearly enough
- Jewelry..... rings, bracelets, earrings (I am always in need of those)
- ANYTHING japanese!! KIMONO! HELLO KITTY! You can seriously never go wrong
- PJ's..... or cute night gowns
- A subscription to Tatler magazine (I have been dying for this for years)
- A subscription to People Magazine

Scroll down to see my address here at Naan...
Love you all!


Friday, March 14, 2008

GODOL Updates

Ok where to begin? For starters I have been studying Hebrew a lot. It keeps me distracted when I'm not scrubbing toilets or laying out in the sun. We do a TON of laying around on the kibbutz. Something I treasure because I have the wisdom of age to know just how precious doing nothing truly is. Sometimes when we are laying out in front of the ulpan Tiffany brings around Giza the baby goat. Seriously- a baby freakin goat. It is so cute, eating our shoe laces and cuddling with us. THIS is why people go to a kibbutz.
On the war front- I am safe, and I feel very protected in Naan where so many soldiers are just a rifle away. Still if real true WAR breaks out I'll come home. On the news every night we see Hasidic rabbis calling for a kind of jewish jihad against the terrorist who went crazy in the Yashiva. I can't say I think this is the right thing to do.... far from it.
My birthday is coming up in 2 weeks and I keep thinking about it. 26- it's a big number. I hope people remember it, that I get some kind of recognition on my birthday from the other ulpanists. It means so much when I recieve letters and packages! Each one is like winning the lotto. So I must thank Tim san, Kris, My Dad and My Mom, all of whom who have sent great packages to me so far! TODA!
I'm off now... ttyl...