Friday, June 26, 2009

If the Motel's rockin, start that knockin!

Where have I been the past month? Well the answer is working as a shop girl surrounded by amazing clothes. I love dealing with customers and the thrill of a large sale, but it's been torturous being low on cash and not being able to buy squat. My graduate program starts in 3 weeks and I'm trying to save all my nickels and dimes which means canceling my gym membership, ending my beloved trapeze lessons, and taking public transit everywhere. That being said I haven't been perfect.

I have to stand for 8 hours at a time since we're not allowed to lean let alone sit. Yes I have been yelled at for leaning. Many times. So to combat the horrible pain my feet were in by the end of the day I went out to Easyspirit- that Grandma shoe landmark. I'm not a proud woman, and it wasn't easy to find granny shoes that even hinted at pretty, but I bought two pair. And you know what? They're the most comfortable freakin things I have ever worn. Not one blister and at worst minimal pain after 8 hours standing. I'm so happy I want to write the CEO!
As for clothes shopping I broke down and bought an amazing dress off
Motel Rocks out of England. OF COURSE over there the dress is like $20 but with the conversion of the pound I made sure to hold back and only bought one. The dress is amazing! Cute pockets, great fabric! I'm trying to get the owner of my clothing shop to buy the brand for the store. Discount here I come!