Saturday, May 30, 2009


Here are some amazing photos from the Trick Art Museum at the foot of Mount Takao in Japan! And here is a rarity- they have a web site!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What's new with me

Good lord my cup over-flowith (is that a word?) with everything. I've managed to pick up a part time retail job selling high end clothing for a whopping $10 an hour with 1% commission. But the owners are cool, I enjoy working with the customers (except the tranny who stole a blouse) AND I need money for graduate school. Yes ladies and gentlemen you are reading the blog of a future Parsons graduate student for Interactive Media and Design. I'm excited but horrified over the main reason I avoided grad school as long as possible: money.

I am about to be in a butt load of debt. To prevent my debt from reaching collasal proportions I am searching for scholarships. This has proven pretty damn difficult. Most places either don't have them available or they are only for undergraduate students. I even explored using my ties to the Masons- sadly the Maseonic moolah's deadline has passed and I need to wait till next year. Do you know about scholarships I can use? Contact me!

When I'm not sifting through scholarships or getting women to buy a dress that is one size to small I have been breaking in my new apartment. I live in this sweet studio next to Central Park West. It also puts me within walking proximity to my mom and step dad's which is great for me and lame for them- I bring over my laundry and take all their leftovers. Yes I have no pride. But money is tight and as I just mentioned I don't like the idea of being in debt and would like to be in debt for as short amount of time as possible.

What else? Nothing on the Japanese front except I saw this adorable video of a Japanese dog doing a work out with his master. You haven't gone "aaawww" until you see this dog standing on his hind legs doing squat thrusts with his master. I asked my cat Nigel why he doesn't do this with me and he promptly rolled over and fell asleep.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Sakura Matsuri, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens 2009

If I had let rumors of rain disuade me from going to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens annual Japanese Cherry Blossom festival, I would have hated myself. I put on my geta sandals (designed to lift geisha and their expensive kimono out of the mud in JUST SUCH a situation) and decided to risk it. Characters dressed in kawaii/ harajuku style were wafting around the gardens. I even came across one girl who had her nails done in the over the top kawaii style! (See below). The weather turned out to be hot and lovely. I made oragami, ate a traditional japanese box lunch, and enjoyed getting a tad bit closer to my beloved Japan.