Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

Stupid America $hit

Some club, somewhere in the US....This is what we're contending with people- behold our glorious future!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Something is fishy

I'm not koi- here is my latest illustration.

Gosh I love bad puns.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fur is murder

In a move that has PETA smoking an after-glow cigarette, Miss Universe (Riyo Mori of Japan) has decided fur is evil except when attached to cute bunnywunnies. I personally am pro fur. I have fond memories of winter coming and my mom getting her fur coats out of cold storage- just the smell of them. Of course they always made my cat run in fear.

"That's right Nigel, that's what happened to the last cat who didn't use the litter box!"

Now a days I have a hard time believing celebrities who get up on a soap box for PETA. Especially someone who is such a feminine figure as Miss Universe. If Riyo admitted she loved eating illegal whale meat and walked around with a rifle that would be a new and refreshing kind of publicity.

Which all begs the question- are you proPETA?

March Madness

I'm a March baby, an Aries to be specific. I'm not always enamoured with my zodiac. Yea it could be worse, a virgin, a scorpion...cancer. But a ram still doesn't have that je ne ce-something that a Leo or Gemini does. Even when smothered in diamonds. But when Hello Kitty does Aries - well that's a totally different can of worms! Behold the kawaii Hello Kitty Aries pendant- a rip off for $950- still it's cute, has gold, silver, diamonds, and that certain something only a Japanophile could love.

Monday, October 08, 2007

And this man is famous why?

Maybe Marc Jacobs is renowned for his crazy lifestyle- because this mess four Louis Vuitton doesn't show diddley.

Even the fabric on this nightgown gone bad is cheap looking

Cold CoCo

If CoCo was alive to see this mess it would certainly kill her! What is the theme? Where is the consistency? Does Chanel want me to struggle with the whole Virgin/Whore complex?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hermes Summer 08

Hey Hermes- quit piggy backing on Summer 06 Ralph Lauren!!!!

Galliano Summer 08

Poor John. First his Dior pirate collection was picked apart- now his own line is being run through the rocks. Personally I think it is AMAZING. Ok, so he based it on Grey Gardens- not original enough screams the press- but jeez man- if I'm willing to dress like "little Eddie" Galliano did something right!

Sonya Rykiel Summer 08

This is one kawaii old brawd! If I could design this sweet and be a senior citizen I would!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Jelly Helly

Gift giving and the honor system on "On" is alive and well in Japan. From the simple act of giving a business card, to gifting an exquisitely wrapped present, everything has meaning and layers of thought and attention that presents in the West lack. Unfortunately this attention to detail can lead to horrible things when ignored. This week in Tokyo "a disgruntled Japanese worker smashed up his employer's office in a fit of pique after his boss ignored his gift of jelly desserts...When the employee realized that his boss had left the box of jellies unopened under his desk, he smashed 22 computers in the office with a truncheon..." The employee also didn't apologize feeling his honor and "on" had been hurt by his boss's cruelty. In Japan HE, not his boss, is almost the one in the right. It probably would have been more cut and dry without the whole smashing computers thing.

Iie domo arigoto Mr. Roboto!

In Tokyo "A Japanese bureaucrat has been reprimanded for shirking his duties to make hundreds of Wikipedia contributions about toy robots". The poor guy works for the agricultural ministry, sounds like he's in the wrong career after comenting over 200 times on "Gundam, a popular, long-running animated series about giant robots".

Not a bad thing

It's a tie- of the four of you who gave a racoon's ass in hell the only consensus was fake bags aren't bad! Take THAT big business!

Well I didn't think it was half bad....

Apparently Posh and Dita didn't like the Chanel show- why else would they have such "happy" expressions?

"Gee I have millions of dollars and beautiful looks.... AND I'm front row at Chanel. But GOD I am so unhappy. No one understands!"

I'd expect a 'tude from hungry old Posh- but Dita? C'mon Dita, frowning is so unkawaii!