Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today in Afro American Stereotyping

Poor Diana,
her lifetime achievement award and they publish a shot of her looking like a blow-up doll

I just can't put my finger on why this reminds me of stripping...

You can tell by his hand on her boob he respects her

Do'h! I threw out my back with all my booty shakin!

The bravest woman in the world (the one in red)

Somewhere this image encouraged a young black woman to go to college.

Here are some great photos from the BET awards last night. In my opinion the only woman here who doesn't look like a pimp'n ho bag is Mo'Nique who somehow had the massive balls to dance next to a half dressed Bouncy... I mean Beyounce.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Thar she blows! 0.2

Poor Izzy Blow. She isn't even cold in the ground and is ranting about how hats are coming back and not giving Izzy a smidgen of credit ( scroll down) . If it isn't bad enough goes and shows the most awful hatastrophies from the ascot. Some of these are so bad even Izzy would of said they "blowed".

This looks like some kind of alien tube

And the hat's awful too.

I can picture Izzy in this.

Look, my hat is pooping feathers!

If I show you my bum will you ignore the nightmare on my head?

Someone tell this woman a peacock died on her head.

My only memory of the ascot is tied into my high school roommate Elizabeth. She was so rich that despite her family being based in Hong Kong they kept a mansion and Rolls Royce in England for their brief yearly ascot visits.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Insert baby girl / Asia joke HERE

God it's even effected the marine life!;_ylt=AjYuZouokbvxRvTm2goI7XQBxg8F

Hello Kitty weddings!

I am no stranger to the concept of Hello Kitty Weddings. I can't pretend the idea of throwing on a glittering kimono and marrying an equally offset gentleman in front of Hello Kitty isn't 100% appealing. Here are two videos on YouTube of people who took the plunge Hello Kitty style.

and if you decide to actually go ahead with it (and speak/ know someone who speaks Japanese)
Here is the site that can make it a reality!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hello Kitty Hell

In my attempt to track down Kitty Laptop pictures I found

Look at some of the crazy Hello Kitty products I should totally own but sadly don't. At least he has yet to post the infamous Hello Kitty Dildo- available at - which just goes to show when Hello Kitty sells out she doesn't do it half way!


OmiGAWD- Look what just came out only in Japan (tragic) the Lavie G Hello Kitty Model made by NEC! A laptop encrusted with swarovski jewels and HELLO FREAKIN KITTY!

Ok maybe I'm a tad excited. Here are all the photos I could collect. Since it's only available in Japan (designed to appeal to young women who get their summer bonuses around now) I won't be getting one anytime soon. But hot damn if they bring them to the US.....