Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Kawaii Dogs

I have not forgotten about Kawaii NYC- but there has been little news in the world of Japanese coolness as of late. But that was until I saw this!!!!
This dog was featured in the International Dog Show 2010 in Tokyo. If my cat would hold still he would so look like this.
These other looks are a bit extreme- even for me- but VERY kawaii!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

This list has been shockingly successful in the past so here is what I would like this year for turning 28 on March 26:

1. How cool is this watch? I love all the colors but purple/rainbow, azur/ rainbow, and blue/bubble are just too kawaii!
2. A gift certificate to dick blicks- a huge art store! I am in desperate need of acrylic paints and drawing note books... which reminds me
3. A mole skin notebook is always nice, and cheap!
4. I pair of FRYE boots. So classic. Black and a size 6.5 please!
5. BOOKS. I'm poor and they are luxury items. Hook me up with a gift certificate to and you will make my day.
6. For those of you with an extra $4000 laying around I have been fantasizing about a Cartier Love Bracelet for years and years. C'mon- you know you love me!
... I'll update if I think of anything else (thanks in advance!)

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Is size an issue?

to be perfectly honest I never bought an issue of V Magazine. But previews of their size issue on having me chomping at the bit to buy. In particular this spread. I look at it and think- my lord I wouldn't have a single complex if all models in magazines looked like this! All I can say is please buy this when it comes out January 14th- and send letters! Tell V this kind of thing gets two thumbs up!!!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Getting my fix

It's been nearly a year since I went to the Mitsuwa shopping center in New Jersey. I was craving Japanese food, kitsch and books so I ventured down to the NYC Port Authority where Mitsuwa offers a shuttle service. Finding the shuttle wasn't easy, and word to the wise if you are going to take it be there EXACTLY on time because the driver isn't waiting around for anybody.
As I wandered around the stores I found it very frustrating to be broke. Importing from Japan isn't cheap. I held back from buying dishes and Hello Kitty charms in favor of a magazine featuring the 2010 kawaii hair styles (a must since American hair cuts always look so drab). Then I had some beef with cabbage and chocolate rice cakes for dessert. The problem with Mitsuwa is very few people speak English. You can only get this specific dessert there and even after all my poking and careful pronunciation the sales woman STILL almost gave me the wrong thing. There seems to be a very constant theme that the buyer shouldn't touch the object until the given time. Things are put behind glass and out of reach. Everything is clean and lovely but takes 10 times longer to get when you can't select it yourself. In the end I left early mainly to keep myself from the temptation of buying. Still a great trip!