Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's happening Now

Well it's certainly not easy cleaning up the mess 8 years of misdirected education, low self esteem and shitty luck have left me in- but I'm certainly trying! I've begun the fun task of narrowing down graduate schools... well so far just PR and Advertising- I still have the art schools (yeegawds). Doing this without a college advisor sucks ass. Although I must note my college advisor was kind of a bitch so really not having her isn't that bad. I bought a ton of books which I'm weeding through going to the colleges' websites and clicking the "send me resources" box (if one exists), and eliminating the colleges who's websites open up with a big Crucifix and/or have the word Jesus in their slogan. Basically out of 39 that means only 8 have been eliminated so far. I don't mind going to school in Texas, I'd just like to be Jewish whilst I do it.

I'm also applying to non-matriculated classes at local colleges so I can have recent "recommendation letters". Oh- and still plugging away trying to find a legit job too. Now I get to blame the economy on why I'm not getting hired! I feel so good having an excuse other than "I have no idea I must be worthless". I actually am trying to get away from all the negative. Not really sure how I got here but at least I'm making a change now vs waking up when I'm 46 and miserable.

In wedding news here are some pics!

My new lil bro and Kris

Oh and I got the "blue bird of happiness" charm in honor of the lucky bird who pooped on my mom's head.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Now that my Mom and Michael are officially hitched I want to buy a charm to remember the day. Which one do you like? Vote and tell me!

Blue bird of happiness
chocolate cake- like the wedding
chocolate covered strawberry- yum- also like at the wedding
love letter in the mail box

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

oooOOOOhhhh happy day!

Well I'm back in New York and not a minute to soon. Five seconds more in the holy land and I may have died of the heat or a nervous break down. I've been home since Saturday and didn't waste a moment searching for my dress for my mom's wedding. After hitting every major department store in NYC my mother and I were exhausted. She was about ready to kick me in the butt for being such a pain, and I was frustrated that I couldn't find anything. I mean yea I liked a lot of the dress BUT I didn't LOVE them. And then just as we were about to throw in the designer towel my mom pointed out Escada. Why no- I HADN'T gone to Escada yet. Sure, why not?

And there it was- a ruffle vision on sale %60! It's being fitted to me, now all I have to do is figure out shoes!

Ani smeecha mayode!

(I'm very happy)