Friday, September 29, 2006

Artistic genius is tres kawaii

I was late to my illustration class last night. Blame Ralph Lauren for letting the job interviews run longer then expected. I was in such a dash to get to class that I shelled out $15 for a taxi and still arrived an hour late. I was expecting my first illustration critic to bring me to tears. But to my shock my collage was the best one there! Master Joo was full of praise, and I was both humbled and honored. Later is class Master Joo showed us his work. He's a painter who works in arcylics (gotta love a fellow acrylic user), and he also uses pen. His work was DARK. Dripping breasts and angry vaginas- turns out Master Joo had a very bad divorce that lead to him trying to cleanse his style and his soul. Thus his deep spiritually driven comments about life. Here are the three collages I did. I have to paint the little boy for next weeks class (thrills). If it comes out OK I'll post it here too.

Beta fish rock

Last week my friend Kevin (NJ Pong champion) won me a beta fish at the San Ginero festival in Little Italy. Other than being awesome (gotta love a man who wins you stuff- even just a friend), I was afraid my poor fish wouldn't be long for this world. Carnival fish aren't exactly renowned for living ions. More like hours. The fish, who I named Seymour, was in cloudy water with a dead bumble bee!!! He was a real fighter though, surviving the trip up town on the subway. I promptly cleaned out his bowl, washed the rocks, and after filling the bowl with evian put Seymour back in. The next day I bought him a little flower, some food, and medicine. My theory was that if he was going to die at least he'd be comfortable. Plus I was giving him something he'd never had- a fighting chance.

Well it's been over a week now. After medicine, two square meals a day, and all the evian he can swim in Seymour seems active and, if it's possible for a fish, happy. I'm not totally convinced he's out of danger yet- I still put medicine in his bowl and watch to see if he's floating upside down. But at least I know he's comfortable, and that, in itself, is a good start to a relationship.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Otabe Wagashi

Otabe Wagashi- I believe it's a pastry- put out these super cute geisha ads! If the jingle doesn't have you bouncing then the super cute costume sure will!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Consistency is awesome

As I sit here fighting a cold (actual interviews coming up THURS/FRI and I don't want to be a sneezing mess)I've been searching for new cute characters to add to my ever growing list of Japanamation cuties. Introducing the 'Little Burgers', ' Toilet Paper Boy' and "Crux white goat". The only place I was able to find them was on Try googling the bastards and you get nothing. Aren't they adorable? If anyone knows the story behind these little guys let me know!

Doggie dancing

I was inspired after watching an episode of "King of the Hill" to go searching the web for dog dancing. Here is a link to a dog dancing video. It's disturbing for the beastial nature of the song choice, and maybe the one to many times the owner lifts her legs. Enjoy!


On November 15th SHICHI GO SAN will hit Japan. It is a holiday where literally 7, 5, and 3 year olds (or just young children) are celebrated and taken to temple to pray for health and long life. Boys aged five put on hakama for the first time in public.
Girls aged seven began using obi sash to tie their kimono, instead of cords.

And also they get to eat chitose-ame (longevity candy)- which I'm sure interests them much more then cords and hakama. Shaped like a stick it must, as best as I can figure, either taste like chocolate or peppermint (some sites say chitose-ame is red and white). Of note in the above pic is my new favorite kawaii character Peko-chan who reminds me of the American Cambells soup kids (only much cooler).


I think this is a Cosplay site.... or something to do with Japanese spokes models who loves elves. Either way the photos are a trip! Do not miss mainichi

p.s. I wanted to post an EX picture but the site doesn't let you cut and paste- earning them the first WTK(awaii)? award

Friday, September 22, 2006

David-san and Sophia-San tour Japan!

Well here they are, pictures of my brother and sister-in-laws trip to Japan. So many amazing shots... here are just a few.

Holy fucking crap is that a GEISHA??

Is it just me, or is sumo more erotic then I recalled?

Sophia pulls a geisha herself and helps perform a tea ceremony

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Master Joo

I had my first illustration class tonight. Drawing, unlike so many things in my life, is something I've never tired of. I do it constantly- without thinking- it's never a chore. Still I always knew attending art school or class would be a gamble. My artistic hubris is thin- the fear my work is but a trifle has kept it hidden in books on a shelf. So it was no easy task when I stepped through the SVA doors and entered the class room of Joo Chung, perhaps the first Joo in a long time to make sense. I'm pretty sure Chung is a Chinese name- which makes for a less perfect tale. It's kind of like loving American culture and finding a great model in a Canadian. Master Joo has been teaching at SVA for 25 years. I've decided to call him Master Joo privately as everything he says are pearls of wisdom for the ages. For ex "If you see yourself doing pictures for $20 that's all you'll do" or "pro vs. Amateur: One is doing it and one is trying". He preaches to go and do what makes you happy instead of doing a job you hate. Just do it (Nike be damned). It won't be easy, but I hope to learn much from Master Joo.

Monday, September 18, 2006


In my online quest for an uber cute Maneki I came across this little guy with a gold coin for happiness. Turns out the Japanese word for happiness is fuku- I am just dying to hear someone say that in the middle of a crowded English speaking room.

7 Gods of Luck

I am really into this "luck" thing- in Greece I bought an evil eye to keep said evil away, my mom got me a bronze pomegranit for prosperity- I even purchased silver charms normally reserved for Catholics to give luck to me and my home. So now it seems only natural that my quest for luck has turned Japanese. First on my list of things I simply must get is a Daruma. This badass little man comes with no eyes- you draw in one eye and make a wish- when the wish comes to fruition then you can draw in the second eye. Then of course there are the seven lucky gods- my favorite is Ebisu because he's the one that originated in Japan (vs India or China). Ebisu is the god of good fortune- plus he's often represented by fish which is cool because I've been told my lucky Indian sign are the two goldfish.

And then- last but not least- the happy cat. I have wanted one of these for ions but I can never find just the right one. Maneki Neko, as he is known, has always had a place in my heart. Probably because I am three bricks short of a load when it comes to cats. Now if I could just find a Hello Kitty Maneki Neko- that would be tres kawaii.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Yurui has come to mean "lazy" in Japanese slang- although it once stood for "loose, or not tight"; "not well regulated"; "moist and lacking in firmness"- go figure. In my never ending quest to move out and get a job I have been trying my darndest to not be yurui, still I find doubt lingering. No matter how many websites I search, or follow up letters I write the festering fear of being yurui and not doing enough lingers. Still I know applying to a job at 5am on a Sunday is better then not applying at all. And that, by nature, is tres kawaii.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Time is going soooo slow today. Maybe it's the rain, or not knowing what to do with my life, or the fact that at 3pm I'm meeting for a "general" interview at Ralph Lauren and I have no idea what to say. What the hell do I say? And in a really awful turn of events I recieved my Newhouse alumni email and realized I've become 3 of the top 10 "Don't do's":
-3. IAN "I¹LL DO ANYTHING" - Ian is so desperate he¹s lost all focus (if he had any to start with). He spends his time answering classified ads and stresses his willingness to 'do anything' with contacts. Remember: Employers are looking for candidates that know what skills they have to offer and how those skills will benefit the company. Unfocused job hunters usually turn to passive job hunting methods like classifieds rather than getting the focus from themselves. They come across as desperate and are unable to convey how they can help employers effectively. GET FOCUSED (see #5 below).

-5. CASSIE "CLASSIFIED" - Cassie spends her days applying to job openings she sees online. She's applied to over 100 in the past few months and has had a couple of interviews but no offers. She really feels she's working hard on her job search. Classifieds are a great supplement to your job search but they are not, in themselves, a job search. A better way to use classified ads is to investigate the company first and try to talk to someone BEFORE you apply. If you see a job that interests you, research the company and call or email asking to speak to someone in the dept where the opening is. Don't identify yourself as a job candidate or mention that 'I saw you have an opening.' Once price is on the table, they'll just refer you to HR or tell you to apply and hang up. Tell them you're interested in what they do and would he/she give you five minutes? Then network. Iff they like what they hear, they'll probably tell you about the opening. Not only will you have an in but you also have an opening line for your letter when you apply - "I spoke with _____________ in your production department." Better yet, ask the person if you can send your resume/letter to him/her directly. Will this work every time? No, but try to become a 'who do you know' rather than remain an anonymous job applicant.

6. DUDLEY "DO NOTHING" - Dudley sits at home and feels sorry for himself. His contacts 'aren't helping him, there are no jobs out there and no one's calling him.' He¹s given up. Remember: Successful job hunters have focus, have done their research and let people know they¹re out there through networking. Get your focus by determining what skills you want to use on the job, creating a list of places that need your skills and developing a target list of specific companies that fit your geographic market. Do your homework - know what those companies do and start letting people know you¹re out there. Join professional organizations. Find out what job hunt techniques worked for people in jobs of interest to you. And what didn¹t work for them. As "What Color is Your Parachute" author Richard Bolles says, 'If you don¹t know how to find a job, talk to successful job hunters.' Also, put in the time in job hunting activities that pay off. Be honest with yourself. If you're only dedicating two hours a week surfing the Internet for job leads, you shouldn't be surprised that you're not working. Job hunting takes time and effort. NO ONE IS GOING TO FIND YOU. You need to make yourself known.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Here are Mixed Cats! " ...created in November, 1992 originally for stationary items" I love them- they combine everything fluffy with sanrio- like crack for the cute addict! Meanwhile my brother David is in Japan as I post!!! I'm and tres jealous and know he and his wife sophia are having a great time!

One in a million

Well I just got back from Greece. Amazing- exhausting- would do it again without my mom in tow- but still great. Out of the 300000000000 pics taken here are two I think make me look cute. Just in case you need a recent Halli pic fix!

One in a million

Well I just got back from Greece. Amazing- exhausting- would do it again without my mom in tow- but still great. Out of the 300000000000 pics taken here are two I think make me look cute. Just in case you need a recent Halli pic fix!