Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Guess what's coming up?

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY~MARCH 26,2006-Save the date! I am sending out invites today in the mail- so RSVP and be sure to be there when I turn ....24....!!

Gotta getta Geta

Well after doing extensive research I purchased a pair of Japanese Geta shoes from an online boutique based out of Japan. I think I had to have them for a number of reasons 1) they looked so kawaii in "Samerai Champloo" 2) As a NY fashionista I like to stay ahead of the curve 3) I'm just nuts like that. I don't intend wear them with kimono and obi- I'm just a white gajin after all- it would probably look like someone in black face walking through Harlem- but I will wear them with skirts and jeans once it gets warmer.

Monday, February 27, 2006



Hooboy did I call it

Proof is in the pudding! Here are the two MOST emailed photo on yahoo.com, and a sign that pervs love ice skating.

Now that's cute

Photographic proof that my father makes badass baby faces.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Laugh until you pee

Ever been tickle tortured? It's when someone mercilessly tickles you until you scream in horror and delight. Well http://www.lileks.com/ is the same thing. Whenever I read this I laugh until the folks in my office call security and bring out the tranc guns. Go on- click on the link- you know you want to!

Butterflies of the Night

Well I finally finished my book- and as promised here are my thoughts. Lisa Louis promises a book with torrid tales, but all you get is OK stories (usually brief) and badly re-written interviews that basically repeat the same info over and over. It reads like a college essay and the only sexy things she writes about are the pink-salons. A great read if you want information on hostessing in japan or the mizu shobai industry, but otherwise nothing for the ages.

Pink+ Hello Kitty= AWESOME

There are very few things that can make a day rock harder then when you get a crazy cool gift in the mail. Especially when the gift involves your favorite country, color and super kawaii icon (yes I know I shouldn't still like Hello Kitty). My pink Hello Kitty shmogasport includes actual gem stickers, chopsticks with holding case, soap dish,pencils, and a face towel (just in time to wipe the drool off my face). Ironically it matches my outfit today (pink headband, shirt and sweater) so I had to wrap them up before my co-workers saw them and decided to institutionalize me. Some cool facts about Hello Kitty (courtesy of Tim)- her blood type is A negative, and she is a good will Ambassador for UNICEF. I guess your blood type is an important thing to know when your visiting countries where you're likely to get shot at! Be sure to visit Tim's blog- just scroll to my links and click on Japan blog. And in case you're wondering what I do with all the stickers I have started covering a lampshade!


It occured to me while browsing online photos of last nights top ice skaters (people who had chance to medal) that the media are a bunch of perves who love waxed beaver. The only medalist who avoided getting an crotch shot online is Irina Slutskaya. OK- well technically there is a muff shot of her falling but even I'm not mean enough to post that. Pay special attention to the pained look on Sasha's face- she looks so violated, as if to say "Here you bastards, this is what you want, isn't it?!"


Am I the only one who thinks A) the person who took this picture is a perve B) the person who approved the picture to go up on Yahoo.com is a perve and C) Koodoos to her waxer!!

Bitter Sweet

I feel very conflicted about last nights skating upset by Shizuka Arakawa of Japan. On one hand I can't deny the girl was good- graceful, clean jumps, and a cute costume (which made up for her short program outfit). But despite this I was secretly hoping either Sasha or Irina Slutskaya would take home the gold. Why? Well jews simply don't wish other jews to fail- especially since Sasha'a ancestors were the high priests of Israel. And who's heart didn't ache watching Irina give it her all for her sick mother?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

When it rains it pours

Well I thought today might go well- but it seems like bad news is just leaking from the walls. First off I didn't get the Judge Hatchett show- so now I'm shit out of luck once this temp gig ends. Secondly Kris lost the three men immediatly under him last night because of an IED. Third Bush is a wack job who is going to hand our ports over to people who want nothing more then to blow us up. And lastly- when I wrote to some politicians to complain AOL promptly shut down my account and I had to call them to reinstate it (thank you Joyce who sounded like she must surely be in New Delhi). All I want to do is hide under the covers with my cat, a bag of chocolate covered pretzels, and all the lights out!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Guess who has a scanner?

WHAT the fuck???!!

Some how my beautiful Kawaii NY is a messed up piled of yuck- a computer glitch has totally ruined it. While I attempt to fix it- stay tuned

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In other news the sky is blue

Well DUH
-Obese boys, girls more likely to be bullied

Auntie Halli

Another pic of the proud Auntie and Liam

Jack and Liam

Don't you just want to eat Jack's cheeks? And other then being adorable, Liam looks like my dad in this photo!


Somewhere between baking, sewing, and shopping- this was one very girly weekend. I tried a brownie recipe for my friend Kris in Iraq, if it gets to him without melting everywhere or exploding in fungus then I will send another batch out to my Japanese pen pall Tim on March 14th for "White Day". As for sewing, well the quilt from hell just keeps getting more and more complicated. It looks fabulous- but that still doesn't keep me from hating every inch of thread I've yet to hand sew to finish the fucker. As for shopping- well between groceries, medicine, and of course clothing- I feel like I spent my load for a while. Anyhoo- above is a picture of my beloved nephew Liam. Lucky for him I wasn't working when his quilt was in the works. Soon to come- an awesome pic of Liam and Jack!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Geisha madness

In my never ending quest to know everything I possible can about geisha and the fabulous nightlife of Japan, I have started to read yet another book (thanks for the recommendation ImmortalGeisha.com). Butterflies of the night is a good read if you've ever considered joining the "glamorous" hostess nightlife- which turns out not to be so glamorous, but still a heck of fun if you don't mind your boobs being grabbed from time to time. I'll be sure to post a full update when I've finished the book.

So fuckin Kawaii

Pardon my french, but I just received a badass package courtesy of Tim (http://www.porcelain-monkey.blogspot.com/). Not only did I get some beautiful chocolates, but some awesome cartoon stickers, which as we all know is the way to a japan-loving-woman's heart. Talk about making my day!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

giri-choco for everyone!

If you're a japan buff like myself, then you know about giri-choco ("obligation chocolates") that women give men February 14th. On white day, a month later, men are suposed to recipricate. The result? Both sexes hate giri-choco and white day- shocking. Want more info? http://www.crisscross.com/jp/popvox/549 has a delightful article on how Japanese youth spent yesterday and plan to spend white day. As for myself, my odd ball plea for a Valentine gift in exchange for cookies worked perfectly! Not only did some kind soul reach out, but he's from Japan and a native New Zealander- rock on! I'll let you know when my reverse giri-choco arrives. In the mean time his cookies are in transit to Japan.
Oh and I would be amiss if I failed to note the super kawaii gift my mom got for Valentines day. Any necklace that involves pearls and diamonds is always a solid bet on V-day!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Mother Fuckin Manolos!!!!!

Ok, so my life is pretty much eye to eye craptacular- I've got my hands in ten pies all at once, not to mention my spleen, feet, and lower intestine.
It's a very messy time to be me.
It's times like this that only shopping for something fabulous can make everything right. Enter my mother- a woman who has never let her daughter wear last seasons clothes. EVER. So what if it's snowing, our futures are uncertain, and the cat just yuked up on the rug? Bergdorfs is open!
In a thinly veiled excuse to leave the house and go to Bergdorf (those people need a gift, and only a fancy candle will do) my mom and I managed to do some serious non gift related damage. First she got a new bag, tres hot- black with white trim and covered in flower fabric and clear sequins. It may sound uncool- but trust me when I say it is tres kawaii. And then, the cherry on top- my mom went halfsies with me on a pair of black patent mary jane manolos (seen above)- brand new- all for me! She of course, decided to get herself a matching pair, no one to go halfsies with, but hey, you only live once.
How flippin Kawaii is that?

Bad Day.

I am normally an unconfrontational person- but not today. Call it stress. Lots of stress. My skin is freaking out, my lack of advetising skill is rampent, my hormones are building up, and I'm not even going to talk about what's really bad. I spent a snowy weekend sewing Jack's quilt (which is not close to being finished, please stop asking, if you'd ever hand sewn a quilt you would know it takes time- especially since I'm working now and don't have 24 free hours to devote to sewing). Basically I'm in an overall bad mood and the slightest BS can, and will set me off.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren

My bad- project runway wasn't yesterday, it's today! What's kind of sad is it took me a good few minutes to realize Ralph Lauren didn't really have 3 small shows in a row (not a website error) but rather that "Ralph Lauren" was code for the top three finalist in project runway. Although it does make me wonder if Ralph Lauren is the final celebrity judge- seems kind of blatent eh?

Thursday, February 09, 2006


According to Wunderking fall 2006 looks like 1940 in Berlin- homeless, aryan and starving. It's sh'tettle chic!

Project Runway

I am addicted to Project Runway- this cheesey Bravo show has me glued to my seat every Wednesday night. Which is why it's such torture to know that at 9am this morning the finalists had their showings at Olympus fashion week and I A) wasn't there and B) don't know who they are (Please go let it not be Santino that no talent hack). But in the project runway spirit I would like to give my Koodos to Mr. Kors who has not only put up with Santino's crap, but produced a most excellent fall 2006 collection! Very preppy chic- makes me wish I could go back to prep school and wear Kors.

Happy Hallmark Created Holiday!

I have no idea why I like Valentines day. It's not like I have a boyfriend. I think it has to do with the girliness of it. Pink, flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals- big thumbs up in my book. But alas, it's just not the same when I'm the one buying myself fluffy red crap- so I'm willing to strike a deal. A "secret santa" type operation. I'll bake you cookies in exchange for flowers, chocolates, even a stuffed animal. Interested? E-mail me

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Luca Luca

Booooooring. Didn't really have a common theme. I liked the final gown but otherwise the most interesting thing at the show was Jessica Simpsons boobs.

Bill Blass

The ideal woman for fall 2006, according to Bill Blass, is wearing either black, green, or red, is perpetually sleeveless, always wearing a belt as big as her entire abdomen, and just got back from a trip to India.

Monique Lhuillier

Well I can't pronounce it, but I'll bet my lunch money you'll see celebs in these gowns come the fall awards season. Again- empire waistlines, off the shoulder, all black and purple with a few embellishments- but definitely no "fat day" dresses. The skinnier, the better you'll look. One theme this collection has is a ton of ruching in the skirts of the gowns. The poofier, and more cinched in, the better.


Since I'm watching the shows it seems only natural to report on them (tres kawaii). TIBI, a brand I have never heard of, showed first today. Again- a lot of purples, empire waistlines, and huge "fat day" coats and dresses. HOWEVER I have to say I would have worn 95% of what I saw in the collection, including the most fabulous simple dresses with low V necks in bright red and green. And the empire waist gowns were done very well, with a corsetted top, off the shoulder. There were patterns on some pieces- think Missoni meets paisley- but all done tastefully. Such a good collection in fact that after I write this I am googling TIBI and finding out where it's sold! My only complaints? The collection used this awful mustard color on a few pieces and also had coats that looked like that were made for pregnancy (not to mention they had poorly designed fur chunks on them).

How long do you have to live?

If any of you are web heads you may have been to deathclock.com- but here comes an actual death calculator that promised to be accurate. Judging by this baby I'm gonna live to 93, so here's hoping it'll be even longer. Curious? You know you are.


Monday, February 06, 2006

My bad

I have been neglecting Kawaii for my craigslist blog, mainly because CL is constantly updated with topics stupider and raunchier then ever, while my life tends to go in fluxes not nearly as interesting as Craigslist. But I would be an awful fashionista, and lover of all things kawaii, if I failed to point out this is fashion week! All the more poignant now that I work a block away and get to pass models ten years younger, way taller and cuter then I ever was, every time I walk outside. I have had a front row viewing of everything from Oscar de La Renta to Carolina Herrera. How? IMG's new website(http://www.imgfashionworld.com/tracker/default.asp) that shows in real time the fashion shows as they happen. I am tres tres impressed- not even Anna Wintour's curt bob gets as close to these models as the cameras do. Some things I am noticing for fall 2006- very boxy looking clothes (look for stiff shapes very 1920's reminiscent), black and purple, embellishment, and empire waistlines the likes of which we haven't seen since 1855. Reem Acra's collection was pretty typical- so if you manage to catch some clips of her show you've basically seen what all the other collections look like. A word on Reem's show- she must have either been overweight or feeling kinda bloated while designing this collection because most of the piece look like something I'd wear on a "fat day". But why put mumu sized pieces on models? Like my mom always says- if it doesn't look good on the model it's going to look like hell on you! You want to promote comfy pretty clothes? Stick them on a big girl and show how skinny you can make her look!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

warts and all

I have a nasty, disgusting wart on the ring finger of my right hand. It has been years since I had a wart, but when I did it was also on my right hand. Sounds vaguely conspiracy-ish if you ask me. Because it is on the tip of my finger, where all the nerve endings are, it hurts and I am constantly reminded it is there. When I went to my dermatologist last week it was so small I even questioned if it was in fact a wart. But after she got me not once, but twice with the nitrus oxide (whatever that stuff is that looks like dry ice), she wrote me a prescription for the acid I had applied all those years ago to my first wart. So now I get to apply this acid to my finger- it smells awful, sticks to my flesh like crazy glue, and hurts if it's doing the job. A side affect is that my skin becomes one big scabby callus, which has to be pulled off to get to the infected skin. Hurrah! For your viewing pleasure I found a picture of a wart on the net- doesn't it look like the nipple from hell?