Monday, June 12, 2006

Well it's official, I'm a jerk

Tim came and left NYC without me seeing him- and I blame it 100% on the Swedish. I spend the past week doing 20 hour night shoots surrounded by beautiful Swedish models. By the time I got home all I did was sleep only to wake up five minutes later and go back to the Swedes. It was during this unreal moment in Halli-history that Tim visited NYC, and instead of being able to show him around like a mensche I couldn't even get to a computer to email. Well it also helped that there were no computers around, but still. And then, in an act of utmost chivalry the mook sent me FLOWERS. NICE FLOWERS, wow do I feel like one hell of a shmuck. Tim, I apologize for how unkawaii everything turned out- Gomennasi.