Tuesday, July 18, 2006

103 degrees outside

Still not knowing what direction to turn to; I went to apply at a temp agency yesterday. Which was humiliating (how did I make it through a $300,000 education and not know excell?) and gratifying (maybe someone might higher me as a temp if all the other temp's unexpectedly drop dead). I then went out to Flushing to drown my misery in Peter's excellent fajitas, a viewing of "Unfaithful" (because nothing says warm fuzzies like a cuckolded Richard Gere), and then right back in NYC to cry my eyes out to my shrink (I can't even qualify as a motherfuckingtemp?!)
Well today I was going to go back to Flushing but God turned off th 1/2/3 subway and so here I am at home, sitting on my bed with Nigel. I'll get up in a bit- that Ambien perscription won't fill itself-

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What am I overqualified for? Coffee running?

Apparently 2nd round interviews aren't just for qualified people anymore. There for toying with the emotions and minds of overqualified people. After being let down by the job market yet AGAIN I trotted out to Flushing to see my boyfriend Peter. He then did the most romantic thing any man has ever done for me- handed me his credit card and told me to buy myself something at Old Navy to cheer myself up.
It gets better.
When I got back he'd whipped up a pizza from scratch.
God has one wack sense of humor- no job but a great man!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Updating is so kawaii

The word abandon is so ugly. It conjures up the image of something rusting or dilapidating- and really who wants to picture a caved in blog? I've been so busy the past few weeks doing what, in retrospect, seems like nothing at all. Been on some commercials which remind me why I hate PAing, seeing my family, spending time in the Hamptons, painting, reading, and seeing my boyfriend . At this one particular second I am on my bed with my dying AC on full blast, my cat curled up next to me, and the TV tuned into QVC (Joan Rivers is SOOO kawaii!). I have a secret love of the home shopping networks. The hosts are always so chipper and creepy- and there is nothing more macabre then watching fallen celebs peddle their wears. I have yet to buy anything, I like it more for the rubber necking/car wreck feeling I get. Joan River's is one of my favorites. She's this bawdy old lady, beautifully done up- I always fantasized about walking the red carpet and when she came up to me I'd be wearing her QVC jewelry and so she couldn't diss my outfit! I have of course been doing stuff other then watching QVC- like interviewing. I thought I could taste this job at MTV I interviewed for a few weeks ago. I wanted it SO BAD! But alas! Thanks to monster.com I'm interviewing to be a secretary at an advertising agency (random I know), but I rather be doing that then driving a van and getting screamed at like a 4 year old at two am. Ah well, back to Joan!