Sunday, March 25, 2007

Truly iraira saseru

I'm shinkei no, I won't lie. After blogging about it, reading about, shopping about it, and generally gapping over Japan for at least 10 years I have a job that invloves Japan.

Not like Japan in theory or history. I mean Japan, right fricken now.

I start as an executive assistant in RL International Merchandising this Wednesday. My division focuses on Asia and South America. So yea, technically Russia, Australia, Brazil.... not just Japan. But since, OMIGAWD Ralph has a huuuge store in Tokyo I am focusing on the beyond slim possibility that one day I may actually get to go there for business!! So I went to the Japanese book store, bought a English/Japanese dictionary, and a Japanese lessons book (cheap ones of course since we all know on a good day I'll spend 2 mins looking at them) and am now waiting for Wednesday.

Feeling very, very shinkei no.

Adventures with a drill

Who knew $150,000 in education would actually teach me something? Like how to use a power drill.

Senior year I took a class that involved building sets, in which, yes, they trusted us with power tools. Although I have always been a bit squeamish (insert here that girl who always jumped when something started buzzing or screamed and ran off when she thought a tool would cut her), I eventually got a hand of the power drill. Fast forward like 5 years and I'm here in my first apartment.

My first apartment with absolutely no storage. I didn't see this as a problem when I selected the place. OOoooh I'll just put up shelves. Lots and lots of shelves. First off, finding shelves, mainly assembled shelves is a real bitch. And once you find an assembled shelf it's up to you (aka me) as the person living with no doorman and only a super in "theory" to put up prior mentioned shelf. I finally caved in a bought an essembled rag of a shelf at gothic furniture because even the hardware store had them for the same price and without holes to screw them in! Like I'm not blind enough.

Well I almost melted a nail, and did some pretty major balencing acts (TV box, cabinets, staircase) but voila- I put up a shelf! OK, so maybe nothing is on it yet... I'm a tad worried if it comes crashing down.... but it's up! Now I'm only like 10 more shelves, a table, chairs, and several cabinets away from being done.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Nigel!

Today my beloved cat turns 10. It seems only yesterday he was a horrified kitten, wondering "where am I and who the hell are these people?" But now he's a big cuddle bug and the source of 90% of my daily joy. I mean c'mon people- look at that face! He welcomes me with meows when I walk in the door, sits in boxes and bags, and loves me no matter what. Happy BIRTHDAY Nigel! Here's to at least 10 more wonderful years!

It's my birthday and I'll ask for gifts if I want to....

You will do to when it happens to you!
March 26, 11:30am, I will turn the massive 2-5 and you, as my beloved friend are no doubt wondering what to get me. Here is a top ten list in case you actually care about my shattered hopes and dreams.Love ya!
10. We'll start big here since we all know none of you either A) have the cash or B) are gonna buy big. But a girls gotta dream. This year I am feeling PUCCI. ( ) Any old PUCCI will do... a scarf, key chain, classic thousand dollar mini dress- nothing big.
9. Wasn't Marilyn smart to know flowers are a girls bestfriend? Especially when their gold and have diamonds. ( ) ME and RO has an excellent little ring (I'm a size 6) or you could simply...
8. Get me flowers. Always a classic. And a nice welcome to my new apt!
7. A Barnes and noble book. Something on Japan, or a graphic novel.
6. A gift card to Duane Reade. My roommate keeps leaving a ring around the shower. 'nough said.
5. BAKELITE jewlery (something like this ). Ebay is awash in this colorfull stuff. Or just try the local flea market.
4. Don't like bakelite? BAKE. I love cake. Chocolate with vanilla icing please. Afterall a birthday without cake is like WWII without Hitler.
3. A coffee with YOU. I never see you anymore. You never call, you never write. Yea, no, we're not going dutch on the coffee.
2. Buy me a ringtone for my phone. I think it's like $2.99 and in your honor you can pick out the track.
1. SHOW UP AT MY BIRTHDAY PARTY! March 31rst, 10pm, the Slipper Room, Manhattan. See? YOU'RE the gift and it's not like you're even being cheap.
Much Love

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Everything is happening way to fast this year. Some people call it global warming- but I think it's something much deeper, untangable and unknowable to those of us who aren't enlightened like Buddah or dead and outside the fish bowl.

The cherry tress in Japan, for example, are blooming at least 2 weeks earlier then ever this year. It's causing a lot of chaos because the blossoms last very briefly and the parties and celebrations that happen surrounding the blooming have to be planned accordingly. Sakura is the name for cherry blossom in Japanese. It's considered bad luck to name your daughter Sakura because then- like the flower- she will die very young. But Sakura represents more then cherry blossoms- it is the idea that life, beauty, the essence of everything joyful can happen quickly.

Life is fleeting, so enjoy it whilst you can.

In this way my life has been very sakura lately. One minute I was happy at home with a job I loved, the next I've moved out (boo) and am moments away from being "transfered" at work (double boo). Why is everything around me so temperal? As a creature of consistancy I personally resent this fact. I like things that stay put and don't change. All this constant sakura is making me anxious and unhappy. My trichotilomania is worse then ever, I'm suddenly left with the question of how can I survive on my own.

I'm an odd bird who would prefer to stay home with my mom and cat- but since this isn't my fate what can I do. Clearly I'm destined to, like the sakura, have brief moments of beauty and joy, while the rest of my time is spent uneventful and ugly.