Saturday, March 06, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

This list has been shockingly successful in the past so here is what I would like this year for turning 28 on March 26:

1. How cool is this watch? I love all the colors but purple/rainbow, azur/ rainbow, and blue/bubble are just too kawaii!
2. A gift certificate to dick blicks- a huge art store! I am in desperate need of acrylic paints and drawing note books... which reminds me
3. A mole skin notebook is always nice, and cheap!
4. I pair of FRYE boots. So classic. Black and a size 6.5 please!
5. BOOKS. I'm poor and they are luxury items. Hook me up with a gift certificate to and you will make my day.
6. For those of you with an extra $4000 laying around I have been fantasizing about a Cartier Love Bracelet for years and years. C'mon- you know you love me!
... I'll update if I think of anything else (thanks in advance!)